Do you find yourself thinking about your kids at all hours of the night?

  • Are they on the screen too much?
  • Are they eating enough healthy foods?
  • Why are they always sick?
  • Do they have good friends?
  • What does their education look like?
  • Thinking about homeschooling?
  • What am I doing? Am I doing enough? Am I a good mom?
  • Confused, stressed, experiencing physical pain, and lack of sleep while raising your kids?

Are you feeling overwhelmed in motherhood because there is so much information out there you don’t know who to trust?

Trust me.

I’m Sheila, and I want to meet you in the messy part of motherhood and remind you that you ARE enough. I am here to alleviate that stress and worry and provide a plan so that you can:

  • Get healthy meal planning done while using food as medicine.
  • Take care of your kids so you don’t have to go to the doctor for everything.
  • Be confident that you have energy to keep up with your kids because your needs are being met.
  • Create the family culture that you have always dreamed of.
  • Know what the best education for your child is.
  • Have fun while being an awesome mom!!!

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