How do I add an item/listing?

First you must register with this site. You will receive an email called "[Santa Cruz Kids] Your username and password info" containing your username and a link where you will set your password.
Please remember your password (or write it down). After you set your password, you may login.
Then in the "Items" editor you will want to fill in the various input areas, such as the item title, description, image, address, telephone number, contact email, and web link. But for your listing to display properly on the category and search pages, you MUST also CHOOSE 1) the vitally important categories, 2) the search location, and 3) the sort location shown in the following image: item editor

How do I add an event?

Similar to adding an item/listing: This time choose the "Events Pro" tab and then click the "Add New" button. Fill out the information.

How do I place an advertisement?

Please use our contact form to contact us about advertising.
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